Ethereal Wave Journal

The Ethereal Wave Magazine

My intention in creating this magazine was to make available the current status of my research in the field of Instrumental Transcommunication (abbreviated ITC), as well as the insights and conclusions I have gained from this research. The first and only issue of this magazine is available in the download section as a PDF document.

ITC Software

I have also written some software applications that can be useful for ITC. These mainly run directly in the browser and do not need to be installed. You can simply use them online


In 2024, I launched the German-language ITC podcast "Die √Ątherwelle" at Here is the RSS Feed to the podcast. In the podcast I present all my developments, as well as various thoughts on the emergence of voice manifestations, efficient ways of working and spiritual consequences.

ITC Software

I also write software applications for instrumental transcommunication. My preferred platform for this is Javascript and HTML incorporating the stunning features of the P5.JS Javascript library, which provides a wealth of very usable multimedia functions. One advantage of these applications is that they basically run in any browser, which means that they do not require any installation. Nevertheless they can run locally on any computer, because Javascript is a client-side programming language. . But there are also a few applications that run directly in Windows. I try to provide a description in english and german for each application and also an and also a video tutorial in both languages, if my time allows it.

The Juergenson Wave application

Juergenson Wave

This application is a browser application and works on the principle of "voice scrambling". For this purpose a direct audio source or an audio file is divided into phonemes according to a random pattern in the speech rhythm..


A visual ITC application that substracts frames from a webcam from each other to reveal spirit manifestations.

Vox Occulta Stimmensynthese

Vox Occulta

This application is a purely digital voice synthesis. It creates the form and rhythm of human speech. Ideal for the manifestation of voices.